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It’s a tongue thing…

-“It’s me. Steve.”


so can we just talk about how bucky has a bionic arm and near impeccable aim and he still chooses to shoot steve in non-fatal areas (i.e. leg, stomach, arm) when he could have just killed him quickly



Bucky is not some lost little lamb who got turned around. James Buchanan Barnes was a soldier, a sergeant who rose from the drafted ranks, a sniper, a survivor, and before that, a man who finished fights his best friend was too stupid not to start and too weak to win. He had a far more gray moral code than Steve Rogers, right from the start, and he was a killer by the time he was captured by Hydra.

Hydra didn’t make the weapon, they honed it.

I’m not saying he’s a villain, because he’s not. I’m not saying he deserves the guilt for his work as the Winter Soldier. I’m saying that Bucky Barnes was never an innocent, and that’s why this is so hard for him. The thing that was taken away from his was his choice. Sergeant James Barnes chose to work with Captain America as part of the Howling Commandos. He chose to kill people as part of that work. And he did it because he believed it was right.

The Winter Soldier never chose to carry out the assassinations he was responsible for.

That’s the tragedy of Bucky Barnes.


"It’s such an interesting character arc because you’re the buddy in the first film and the absolute bad guy in this one." (x)

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((hey guys i’m kind of a writer person thing on the side and i wrote an article about bucky/WS and how he’s super rad so it’d be really cool if you guys could read/click/comment/share/reblog/whatever tickles your fancy))


"bucky is a villain!"


"lokis just misunderstood!"


"bucky is doing this all on free will!"


"loki is a poor baby, he doesnt know what hes doing!"


*more loki is good guy bucky is bad guy shit*





His clothes say “I’ve been drug to church by my family”. His body language says “I’m going to screw you against a barn wall”.

That’s kind of how he reads anyway sometimes. It’s that or ‘I’m an adorable hipster puppy but a rough fuck in a dingy alley isn’t beyond me at all.”

As one of my best friends says, “he looks like he knows what I look like in my underwear”