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I'm Alycia. Christian. ENFJ. History and movie encyclopedia. Born in Michigan on 14 June, raised in Colorado.

Foreign language films. I will watch anything but my favorites tend to be German and Scandinavian films.

I tag things obsessively so it's usually pretty easy to dig through my shit.

The Merlin to my Arthur
The Bucky to my Steve
The Niki Lauda to my James Hunt
The Rose to my Doctor
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1.) When you refer to conversations you have with your friends as “dialouge”

2.) Making a hilarious movie refrence that no one else gets and awkwardly standing there, laughing to yourself

3.) Getting more excited about the Oscars than you do about your own birthday

4.) Practicing acceptance speeches in the shower

5.) Practicing acceptance reactions in the shower

6.) Debating out loud with yourself about whether Scorsese or Tarantino is a better Director

7.) Counting down days to movies that don’t come out for another 2 years

8.) Whenever a friend is struggling to think of the name of a certain movie you can name the Title, Director, Lead actors (the actors entire filmography) and the Writer

9.) Owning more screenplays than novels

10.) Knowing more Directors than U.S Presidents

 GPOY I do the Scorsese/Tarantino thing all the time.

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