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I'm Alycia. Christian. ENFJ. History and movie encyclopedia. Born in Michigan on 14 June, raised in Colorado.

Foreign language films. I will watch anything but my favorites tend to be German and Scandinavian films.

I tag things obsessively so it's usually pretty easy to dig through my shit.

The Merlin to my Arthur
The Bucky to my Steve
The Niki Lauda to my James Hunt
The Rose to my Doctor
The Blair to my Chuck

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Fun fact: If you are male and under the age of fifty and wearing one of these outfits, I will willingly have sex with you. Not even sure you need to be male.

Completely sure that you don’t need to be male.

#if my boyfriend turned up to my house wearing any one of these he wouldnt be wearing it for long #sweet jesus

Fucking hell yes

If someone showed up at my house wearing one of these they wouldn’t be wearing it for long, or ever again, because I would take it off of them so that I could wear it.

You don’t even need to be human….really….just….

For all you dudes (or not dudes?) looking to nab a tumblr-lady (or dude?) of your own

Here’s where you can get your swag at maximum capacity

Same site I got this coat actually



not sure if want guy or want jacket or want both very confused here

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