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I'm Alycia. Christian. ENFJ. History and movie encyclopedia. Born in Michigan on 14 June, raised in Colorado.

Foreign language films. I will watch anything but my favorites tend to be German and Scandinavian films.

I tag things obsessively so it's usually pretty easy to dig through my shit.

The Merlin to my Arthur
The Bucky to my Steve
The Niki Lauda to my James Hunt
The Rose to my Doctor
The Blair to my Chuck

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 A great day this has turned out to be. I’m suicidal, me mate tries to kill me, me gun gets nicked and we’re still in fookin’ Bruges!

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Maybe that’s what hell is: the entire rest of eternity spent in fucking Bruges.

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This fellow, Danny Aliband’s brother. He was just trying to protect his brother. Like you or I would. He was just a lollipop man. But he came at me with a bottle. What are you gonna do? I shot him down. 

- Hmm. In my book, though, sorry, someone comes at you with a bottle, that is a deadly weapon, he’s gotta take the consequences.

I know that in my heart, but I also know he was trying to protect his brother, you know?

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characters i can relate to: harry waters (in bruges)

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