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I'm Alycia. Christian. ENFJ. History and movie encyclopedia. Born in Michigan on 14 June, raised in Colorado.

Foreign language films. I will watch anything but my favorites tend to be German and Scandinavian films.

I tag things obsessively so it's usually pretty easy to dig through my shit.

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Aladdin playing with Odin. See how his foot rests like that? He did that all the time. 

Freedom playing with Odin

Normally the horses are out on a big round bale so they can munch all day. They cleaned it up Sat night so on Sunday I just put out some small bales which doesn’t occupy their time quite the same way. God forbid they stop eating for 5 minutes to play. So anyway, they had finished their food, and were bored, and it was windy. Chaos ensues. 

Odin’s frosty tail

Reverse dalmatian

Odin says Happy Thanksgiving!

Michelle has finally been putting the drafts together during the day. I kept trying to take pictures. In the first one, Rich is hiding in the shed. Finally got a picture of all five of them!

Hayden and Achilles were making out and then Achilles saw me taking pictures but he didn’t curr so he just went back to playing with Hayden.

My boss with her boys, Odin (Black Percheron) & Thor (Clydesdale)

Thor is actually named after Thorin Oakenshield :D

Per monicarenetrepanier’s request, this is my boss’ horse, Odin. He’s a big goober and I told her years ago that she should have named him Loki. He loves to cause trouble.

Thor (Clydesdale) & Odin (black Percheron) playing.

Achilles was napping and looked so cute I had to take a million pictures of him.

I think sometimes people don’t realize just how big Odin is. I’m 5’5” 1/2 and as you can see, I don’t even reach his shoulder :D

And it’s a good thing he doesn’t realize how big he is………


Odin and Thor say hay guys

And no I did not name them haha

Hope everyone’s having a good day so far!

Whoa, they look like they are standing in a completely different part of the paddock. I had to look at that pic for a while before I realized where they were.

Odin & Thor napping