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okay i’m sorry everybody this just makes me so fucking angry i needed to make a post about it

  • why the fuck is a white person trying to OMG SOLVE RACISM by writing about a future where WHITE PEOPLE ARE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST
  • there are so many things wrong with that to begin with
  • and so let’s INVENT A NEW SLUR FOR POCS
  • no fuck off
  • and then let’s add blackface like the racist cherry on top of the bullshit cake
  • n o n o n o 
  • everything here is wrong
  • n o



okay in other news i did some googling and literally every review of “save the pearls” listed on the author’s website is stone-cold fake

i googled part of the text of one review which was supposed to have been in the los angeles times and got three results, all of which linked back to the author’s own website

tl;dr she’s committing fraud

I knew it

This lady is so ridiculously sketch :|

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I can’t even ragequit over this. I actually refuse to.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Victoria Foyt decided to write a dystopian young adult series called Save the Pearls in which global warning has made dark skin and its supposed ability to withstand “The Heat” the most valuable genetic manifestation one can possess. This increases their “mate rate” in a world where people must mate at an early age for some reason or another. You can read more about the story’s premise here (from the author’s failure-ridden interview with the Huffington post) and here (which includes some amazing commentary from Tumblr users).

Let’s dissect this waste of monetary resources, paper, and cosmic existence.

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Will everyone please read this? It’s perfect. ^

The fact this book even exists makes me sick.

I hate discrimination/prejudice of all kinds, whatever gender, sex orientation, or race it’s set against. I hate people being judged by the color of their skin or the place they came from before even being spoken to. And that goes for everyone.

50 Shades of Grey is a horrible book, in that it’s horribly written. While it does have sexist undertones, other than that, it’s pretty harmless. It’s also doing some good things, too, like making women more liberal in reading whatever the fuck they want, where ever the fuck they want. 

Twilight. Again, could have been written better, bits of sexist undertones, but with a good theme (love conquers all). Again, harmless. 

But this…this goes way beyond that. It surpasses both of those novels. This is terrible, it’s offensive to literally everyone, and I can’t believe someone would have the audacity to publish this, especially when the book is aimed at such a young target audience.

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OK, speaking of terrible YA, what the fuck is this, exactly?  It’s set in yet another dystopian future, where I suppose the sun’s radiation has become so intense that white people can’t even go outside or something?  And the social hierarchy privileges people with melanin over people without?  And black people are called Coals while white people are called Pearls (there’s so much wrong with that ONE SENTENCE, ONE ASPECT of this thing.  Like, whites are the rare and precious gem despite being the bottom of the hierarchy?  And ‘Coal’ is the name for dark-skinned people??  WHAT???) AND PEARLS CONSTANTLY WEAR BLACK FACE?

What the actual fuck is this.  This is the worst.  This is worse than a room full of Edward Cullens; an ocean of Christian Greys and Bella Swans and whatever the fuck she was renamed for Fifty Shades.  This is absolutely the most vile premise for a YA book that I’ve seen anywhere, and I read Swoon twice, OK.  

I can’t even process this coherently; I’m just so shocked that it exists.  And that people have bought it.  And liked it.



“Save the Pearls” is a vanity published YA novel trying to bill itself as the next “The Hunger Games.” The publisher says that “‘Save the Pearls turns the tables on racism.’”

It uses blackface as a plot device.

In author Victoria Foyt’s futuristic world, no one wants to mate with white people—or “pearls”—considered to be the ugliest humans oppressed by people of color. In order to survive, they must put on blackface make up to be attractive to the ruling class of “coals.” Hoyt explains: “their stunningly dark skin that carries the greatest amount of melanin…makes them the strongest, most powerful race alive.” The protagonist is a white girl who must smear her face with “midnight luster” make up in order to protect herself from radiation and in order to look beautiful to the oppressive “coals” in hopes that they will mate with her.

The rule in Eden’s post-apocalyptic world is: the darker the skin, the higher the mate-rate. Other factors calculated into one’s mate-rate include wealth or employment status. For example, Ronson Bramford, a handsome Coal titan of industry, is at the top of the heap with a mate rate of 98%. At age twenty-two, he only has two years left in which to mate—or else he’d probably have a 100% mate-rate. Tiger’s-Eyes, or Latinos, usually rate above Ambers, or Asians, in the future race wars. White-skinned Pearls offer little resistance to The Heat, and therefore, are at the bottom. Only a Cotton, or Albino, would be lower.”


The first few pages are up as a preview on Studio E Books’ site.

It’s uh.

It’s actually worse than I thought it would be.

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