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Tom Hardy in The Drop (2014)

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"All them books… Have you read all of them?"



"Not exactly…"

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The Drop (2014) - Tom Hardy, James Gandolfini

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My new OTP: Tom Hardy x Hot Tub

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Five Reasons Why You Seriously Need To Watch The Reckoning

1. DAT CAST. You got your Paul Bettany. You got your Willem Dafoe. Not enough? Alright, how about Vincent Cassel, Tom Hardy, Matthew Macfadyen, Brian Cox, Gina McKee, and Ewen Bremner? That’s right ALL IN THE SAME MOTHERFUCKING FILM. (Also the kid who played Jamie Bell’s BFF in Billy Elliott and BTW you should Google him now because he’s all grown up and served two tours in Iraq and he is riiiiiiiiipped.) Apparently Simon Pegg has a cameo and I learned that just now so it turns out I too need to watch The Reckoning. Again.

2. It was directed by Paul McGuigan, so you know it’s pretty as fuck. (You might recognize McGuigan’s other pretty as fuck work mostly from his directing skills on the BBC’s Sherlock.)

3. The cover art (above) is totally misleading. I know that sounds like it should be a minus, but actually it’s great because that terrible, terrible art makes this look like yet another two-men-ruin-their-lives-while-attempting-to-get-some-woman-into-bed movie. It is not that AT ALL. It’s a motherfucking murder mystery set in 14th century England, Bettany plays a disgraced priest to finds himself traveling with a company of actors, and there’s intrigue and exhumations and executions and angry mobs… you’ll fucking love it, I’m telling you. It’s smart and beautiful and I’m getting all emotional just thinking about how much I love this movie srsly.

4. The set design is like crazy amazing. Also did I mention how McGuigan like… uses cameras to make love to scenery? And close-ups? And EVERYTHING EVER?

5. Because I have impeccable fucking taste in movies, that’s why.

I don’t even know where you can see it, to be honest. Netflix is all “nah, denied” and I don’t know about where you live but here, video stores don’t even exist anymore. Still, I urge you to find some completely legal means of getting your hands on this movie and watching the shit out of it, for real.

Buy it from Warner Archive!

Tom Hardy + John Janovec

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Need new stuff…finished watching all the old ones

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in which tom hardy is an actual ball of sunshine

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Tom Hardy by Greg Williams

Tom Hardy by Greg Williams

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When Tom visited the Royal Marines, seem he also practised his singing! Aww. 

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He was very nice- he was at the carol concert and sang his little heart out.


Tom Hardy with Noomi Rapace and Joel Kinnaman on the set of Child 44. 

Merry christmas everyone! :)


I’m sorry but how good is Tom Hardy looking lately


s e r i o u s l y ????